Create your ideal
College Experience

Chat with a private college advisor and complete guided journals to discover your passions.

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Personalized checklists help you stay on track planning for college.

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Guided journals let you visualize and
achieve your ideal college experience.

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Chat with a college advisor at any time throughout the process.

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Our Mission

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To provide quality college advising to every high school student through mobile technology

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We’re a team of socially driven enterpreneurs & technologists who believe students will be self-reliant when we clear paths to meaningful education.

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Our vision is to empower the future generations to change the world by optimizing higher
education decision making.


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The guidance counselor to student ratio in American public schools is 426:1. Students get 15 minutes to talk to their high school guidance counselor about college on average.

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16% of students from low-income families complete an undergrad degree.

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College graduates increase their lifetime earnings by $1 million, and increase employment stability by 50%.

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