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College Advising, Meet Journaling

America ranks #1 in the global higher education rankings every year. And more people are graduating with a college degree than ever before.

Yet, as a country, America owns the highest student loan debt in the world, a 40% college drop-out rate, and a median starting salary after college of 26k/ year.

You hear it all the time: the American education system is broken.

What constitutes the gap between America’s education superiority and America’s greatest failures? Professional college advisors and consulting are too expensive and inaccessible.

The guidance counselor-to-student ratio is 400:1.

Professional college advisors charge up to $300 per hour.

This is why Undecided was born. Undecided is a free mobile app that prepares high schoolers for their next step.

We’re leaving the most vulnerable American populations to fend for themselves when they make the leap to college.

Based on psychology research in journaling, goal-setting, and future-authoring, Undecided guides high schoolers to learn about college opportunities and craft their ideal future.

Undecided’s guided journals cover everything from pursuing undergraduate research and partying— to career strategies and paying for college.

Undecided is currently in an open beta for high schoolers and available to download in the App Store. Reach out to for questions or referrals.

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